Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Resident Evil 5 & Dead Rising 2

In case you've been hunkering down in a bomb shelter for the past year, RE5 is set to release in March on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

I got a chance to download the demo last night and the pictures I've seen so far really don't do the graphics of the game justice. The look and feel are very similar to RE4 and it looks like the Garonos are back for a repeat performance.

My one quip so far is the weapon swapping. It's a bit cumbersome to press the Y button, manually select the weapon with the D pad and then click, then chose equip. There might be a hot swap method I'm not aware off, but trying to pull this feat off while you're being swapped by a dozen zombies is a bit tricky to say the least.

RE5, so far, plays essentially the same in terms of targeting and shooting, to RE4 and if you're comfortable with the latter, you'll have few problems with the former.

Capcom confirmed Dead Rising 2. There are few details at this moment but there are a couple screen shots. So far all we know is that the story will take place in a casino and Frank will not be making a repeat performance.

Hopefully this time they strip out the picture gimmick and the time forced story, both elements that I feel detracted from the first game. It would have been better off as a free for all sandbox time game that allowed you to work through it at your own pace.

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