Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After Twilight: Walking with the Dead

After Twilight: Walking with the Dead
by Travis Adkins

p. 284


To date I've not read a Permuted Press book that I disliked and "After Twilight: Walking with the Dead", continued an excellent run of books that should be accessible to both long time, and newly formed zombie fans.

Without revealing overly much, the book follows the a fortified city of Eastpointe, whose residents have managed to carve out a safe niche on the east coast of a ruined United States.

The denizens of this town are privy to a lifestyle most survivors of a zombie fiasco could only hope to have: access to electricity, a local saloon and even an internally created currency designed to take the place of the defunct US dollar. An elite team of combatants is sent into the surrounding decay to scavenge supplies and a nefarious shadow government has begun to form in the recesses of the city.

At first I felt a bit disjointed, like I was missing portions of the book, or there were segments not clearly explained. I did not realize until after the fact that this novel was actually a continuation of a prior book Twilight of the Dead. You don't have to read the first novel to thoroughly enjoy the second but it may help flesh out some of the missing jigsaw pieces.

After Twilight is an interesting depiction of society reforming itself after the initial shock and awe with not much time is spent on the initial outbreak(which I'm assuming is covered in the initial novel) and a large focus on the reforming of people afterwards. It seems like more time is spent on character development, their lives and interactions with fellow humans than on the zombie action itself, but there is enough undead violence to sufficiently satisfy most.

I look forward to picking up the first, and hopefully soon, third novels in this promising series.

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