Thursday, January 15, 2009

Undead Entertainment

I've recently been playing Left 4 Dead on the xbox 360 and it game me the inclination to begin a post of good old fashioned, general zombie mayhem.

Starting off with flash: has a slew of games. Some you've probably seen before if you frequent many flash games sites, but you'd be hard pressed to find a single site that collects this maybe brain bursting games into one collection.
Of the ones I've played, Zombie Rampage is the one I personally feel is the most 'interactive' With multiple modes, varied weapons and a top down view, the production values are well done. I wish the creator would port this flash game over to the XBLA arcade games and offer it for download. If they could figure a way to incorporate multi-player and utilize a controller, it would cause far less wear and tear on my mouse.

Zombie Horde was well done and I also enjoyed The Last Stand. A few of the games are a touch mediocre and obvious re-skins of other flash games you might have played, but all in all the site has a slew of point and click corpse extermination to keep you busy for hours on end.

This site is a good way to spend some time exterminating undead while you await the impending zombie apocalypse, but most of the applets on the site are not 'lunch' friendly games due to the staggering amount of clicking required. I can't be held responsible if you're huddled down in your cubicle madly mashing on your mouse keys to hold of the wave of stumbling, bloated bodies and your officer manager queries why you're abusing your mouse.

In case this does occur, do not reply with a roll of your eyes and: "Saving your ass from the zombies" this is not likely to score you points with your boss (or any other rational person in your office.) Utilize the time honored excuse of a frozen computer and you're getting frustrated.

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